Fresh Breath PaperMints. Sugar Free


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Papermints are:

  • sugar free
  • a great alternative to chewing gum
  • suitable when on the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme
  • suitable for low carbohydrate diets
  • pocket size
  • great for smokers
  • long duration of action
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PaperMints have a refreshing cool mint flavour and are sugar free. They help to keep your breath fresh and are suitable when dieting or as an alternative to chewing gum.

PaperMints have a cool mint flavour and give you instant fresh breath.

The PaperMints are also sold in display boxes containing 24 individual packs of 24 breath strips (see separate listing).

They are ideal for freshening your breath whilst following any diet.

PaperMints are sugar free

They do not interfere with the ketosis process used in the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme. It is essential that the mild dietary ketosis is not interfered with. The state of ketosis will help you stay comfortable whilst dieting.

It is important to remember that if you are following the Lipotrim total food replacement programme, you are not allowed sugar free chewing gum, mints or sprays to freshen your breath. This makes PaperMints an ideal and welcome solution to the mild bad breath that accompanies ketosis.

NOTE: mild bad breath is a great sign of success whilst following the Lipotrim pharmacy weight management programme.

Directions for use:

Simply take one wafer-thin fresh breath strip from the pocket-size container and place gently on your tongue. It takes merely seconds to dissolve in your mouth, leaving you with long lasting fresh breath on the go. Use them as often as needed to freshen your breath with a long duration of action.

Ingredients:  Gelatin (cow Gelatin, Halal certified), Sodium Alginat, Casein, L-Menthol, Glycerin Fatty Acid Ester , Mint Flavour, Aspartame, Sugar esters of fatty acids, Glycerin, Acesulfame K, Brilliant Blue FCF

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Fresh Breath PaperMints. Sugar Free